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ON HOLD - Chase Boat Captain + Stew Team Roles Filled

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a busy program and run your own vessel. It's a 13m twin inboard with IPS Drive. You and your partner will live on board and take care of everything from relocating, washdowns and detailing, provisioning and port clearance as well as catering to guests' needs. This role will suit someone coming from smaller yachts who has experience throughout the deck department. Some basic engineering knowledge will also be a bonus. Although you will have some support from the main yachts engineers when they’re available. You'll be expected to think on your feet, pre-empting the chase boats' needs, the guests' needs as well as the 60m main yacht. Recce-ing anchorages and ports, you'll be doing very long passages on your own so someone with experience driving overnight and obviously bridge watches. Although your primary responsibility will be driving and maintaining the chase boat you must be prepared and willing to assist on deck on the mother ship when required taking direction from the Chief officer/Bosun. Communication is a key factor. The Chase boat driver will often be sent out ahead of the main yacht and picking up / dropping off guests and supernumeraries or collecting provisoions ect. The driver must be able to listen, take instructions given, make decisions and take the responsibility on their shoulders while also keeping the Captain and Chief Officer updated. The Stew will be taking care of the chase boat but also be spending a lot of time (70/80% of her day) on the 60m to help out with service and house keeping depending on where she’s needed. Someone with at least a year on a busy yacht or even better, coming from smaller yachts where they've gained experience throughout the department and are comfortable in all aspects. The stew will often be sent ashore to pick up deliveries and provisions and also liaise with the Captain/chief Officer/chief stew regarding guests movements. You will both need to think ahead and work well as a team. It's a dream job for a happy couple to run their own chase boat but not for the feint hearted. Please only apply if you have a minimum of 3 years in yachting, excellent references and a proven history of driving larger tenders. Yachtmaster offshore 200gt is an absolute minimum and your ENG1 must state you’re clear to do bridge watches.

The yacht

Mixed private and charter
Dual season?
Couple friendly?

The job

Role (department)
Bosun (Deck / Bridge)
Days - 42 days
2 months ago
March 2020

The perfect candidate

Your location
  • UK
  • France/Italy
  • Spain/Palma
  • Rest of Europe
Yachting experience
At least 3 years' yachting; at least 1 year on one yacht
  • YM Offshore